CK Balance H and CK Balance Power is the only product in the U.S. where you can buy Compound K specifically created as a dietary supplement.

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Compound K is the final metabolite of ginseng saponin. However, Compound K is not found in raw ginseng or any other types of ginseng that is put into physical forms of stress such as red or black ginseng. Ginseng saponin must be broken down by certain microorganisms living in the gut where it is transformed to Compound K where it can then be absorbed.

The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety in South Korea conducted a study showed the discrepancies was due to the lack of B-glucosidase and other enzymes needed to break down ginseng saponin to Compound K. 25% of the subjects in this study could not break down ginseng saponin enough for Compound K to be detected in the blood. Interestingly, this lack of enzymes did not correlate with gender nor age.

This explains the discrepancies between people who have taken ginseng as a dietary supplement and found ginseng as a wonder herb while some found the assumed beneficial effects very lacking.

General Bio has discovered a way to convert ginseng saponin to Compound K using their patented Bio-Conversion Technology. General Bio is the only company in succeeding mass-production of Compound K for cosmetics but more importantly for dietary supplements. Its GMP certified manufacturing ensures the highest quality production and has been certified as a National Project by the South Korean government.

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