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Are there any known adverse effects to CK?

There are no known adverse effects from taking CK Balance. However some may experience insomnia and for those people it is recommended to take CK H in the morning and not in the evening.

“I've always been so tired and low in energy until I started taking CK Balance H. People have noticed my boost in energy and I recommend CK H in addition to other dietary supplements.”

— Alex

Are there any known side effects to CK?

Some people do experience "detox symptoms" (such as headaches and irritability) during the first few days after taking CK. This is part of the body's response in reacting to the previous toxins which has been built up in your system. This is temporary and will pass. You can stop and try again or reduce the amount and increase when you are feeling better.

“I have been taking CK Power along with my chemotherapy. My doctor told me I would be bedridden after 3 sessions... I completed all 6 and I am still strong and moving around.”

— Paul

“I have type 2 diabetics and started taking Compound K for a couple of months now. I am proud to say that my HbA1c levels have dropped and the dose of my diabetic drugs have decreased! Thank you CK Balance Power.”

— Grace

What is the best way to take CK?

The best way is to take CK in the morning after a hearty breakfast. Some research suggest that eating foods with high fat will increase absorption of compound K However our product is 100% absorbable in the human gut as is. So as with any "food" you can take it anytime of the day. (1)

“If my clients are worried about their physical exam for life insurance, I recommend CK Balance Power. So far, all of my clients who took this are all happy clients now. Plus they are thanking Compound K for boosting their health!”

— Helen

Can I take too much CK?

The recommended daily dose of our products is 2 tablets of CK-H or roughly one spatuala or 150 mg of CK-Power. As Ginsenoside Compound K is a candidate for rheumatoid arthritis therapy, research suggest there is no toxicity from taking up to 800 mg of CK-Power in a single oral dose. CK was safe and well-tolerated over the course of the study. (3)

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